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Dear Stella releases power pop debut EP

"Time Zones" Nov 13, 2020

Nostalgia of the past, heartfelt emotions, child-like playfulness, tasty melodies and colorful productions paired with the singer’s unique voice define the enchanting sound of Dear Stella’s 2020 debut record “Time Zones”. The young Austrian singer, songwriter and producer Stefanie Drexler, who goes by the artist name Dear Stella, has collaborated with some of her musical favorites and power pop icons from different time zones. 

The eclectic opener “Time Machine” was co-written and produced in Los Angeles by pop wizard Bleu (L.E.O., The Major Labels, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato) and features Jesse McGinty (The Lickerish Quartet) on a variety of instruments. The melancholic “The Last Kiss” was co-written and co-produced with Boston’s power pop darling Eric Barao (The Cautions, L.E.O.), the upbeat “What’s The Meaning of Love?” was produced by Germany-based power pop talent Kai Danzberg (Lisa Mychols, Drake Bell) and curated by Swedish pop song doctor David Myhr (The Merrymakers). The playful “As a Child” was co-written and produced by multi-instrumentalist and producer Matt Appleton (Reel Big Fish, DreamWorks) in California. There are two touching ballads on the EP, “Take Care Out There” (co-written by Welsh singer and songwriter Steve Balsamo) and “Brighton Beach” which were entirely produced and recorded by Stefanie Drexler in her own 'Time Capsule' studio. Read more...

Dear Stella Time Zones

About Dear Stella

Dear Stella / Stefanie Drexler

The release of her colorful debut record "Time Zones” puts young Austrian singer, songwriter and producer Dear Stella (Stefanie Drexler) on the fast lane into the new generation of the power pop universe.

Catchy vocal melodies, compelling chord progressions and song lyrics that describe the rollercoaster life of a hopeless romantic, paired with Stefanie’s unique vocal sound – this bubbly rising star enchants listeners all over the world!

While Dear Stella passionately enjoys creating music in her own 'Time Capsule' studio, it is the international collaboration with her musical companions and idols (including Bleu, Eric Barao, Steve Balsamo, Kai Danzberg, and Matt Appleton) that fuels the artist’s inspiration and led to the magical unfolding of her promising debut EP “Time Zones”.



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