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Two years in the making, the time has arrived for Austrian singer-songwriter Dear Stella to release her debut record “Time Zones” as exclusive CD and digital release on Friday, 13th November 2020.

For the creation of her new songs, Dear Stella has collaborated with a handful of renowned songwriters, producers and musicians all over the globe – defying the time zones. Stefanie Drexler, who is the creative individual and voice behind Dear Stella recalls: “I am so lucky to have friends and musical companions in different time zones, and, in my mind, I’m always 'living' in at least 3-4 different time zones at the same time. It’s weird, confusing and super fun!” 

The bombastic overture “Time Machine” is an eclectic power pop hit about traveling in time to fix a long-gone love story, produced and co-written in Los Angeles by power pop wizard Bleu (L.E.O., The Major Labels, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato) and features Jesse McGinty (The Lickerish Quartet) on a plethora of instruments. The playful “As a Child” reminisces the carefree times of childhood, when you didn’t worry about the every-day challenges of an “adult”. This upbeat ode to staying young at heart was co-written and produced by multi-instrumentalist Matt Appleton (Reel Big Fish, DreamWorks) in California. “The Last Kiss” is a melancholic tale about distance, confusion and a general sentiment of feeling lost, co-written and co-produced with Boston’s power pop favorite Eric Barao (The Cautions, L.E.O.). The first single preceding the EP, “Take Care Out There” was co-written with Welsh singer and songwriter Steve Balsamo (Jesus Christ Superstar, The Storys) and entirely produced by Dear Stella in her own 'Time Capsule' studio. With the cheerful “What’s the Meaning of Love?” which was written by Dear Stella and creatively curated by Swedish pop song doctor David Myhr (The Merrymakers), the artist dives into the sugary feeling of being head-over-heels in love. It was produced by German power pop talent Kai Danzberg (Lisa Mychols, Drake Bell). The EP closes with “Brighton Beach”, a tender, contemplative ballad about the bitter uncertainty of unrequited love, written, performed and produced by Dear Stella. 

(For full credits and lyrics see CD Booklet and Lyric Book PDF.)

Fans have been captivated by Dear Stella’s clear yet powerful vocal sound and finesse tugging their heartstrings, in combination with tasteful melodies and filigreed productions which take them back to Disney World.

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